Röyksopp – Oh Lover (utimono remix)

Röyksopp, the Norwegian electronic duo consisting of Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland, has carved an indelible mark on the music industry

utimono – swan song (official video)

Step into the world of ‘Swan Song,’ where the bittersweet symphony of closure and fresh beginnings awaits.

“Titan” album video and visualizer released

Hello all! You can now watch the official video of ‘Solace’ which is the 2nd track from my album ‘Titan’ and the official visualizer of the 7th track from the album called ‘Vortex’.

Thompson Twins – Doctor! Doctor! (utimono remix)

The Thompson Twins, a prominent ’80s band, captivated audiences with their eclectic sound and infectious energy, and had an incredibly successful track called…

utimono – titan (album)

After a decade in the making, I’m thrilled to announce the arrival of my electronica album, “Titan.” 🎶

Depeche Mode – People Are People (utimono remix)

Depeche Mode’s iconic song “People Are People” released in 1984, remains a poignant anthem addressing the theme of human equality and the futility of prejudice.

Neneh Cherry – I’ve Got You Under My Skin (utimono [FE] remix)

Neneh Cherry’s rendition of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” released in 1990 on the Red Hot + Blue album, is a modernized take on Cole Porter’s classic.

Titan Sampler – Sneak Peak

10+ years in the making! My electronica album is a journey of dedication and growth. Each track reflects my emotions and artistic evolution. Stay tuned for the release and join me on this sonic adventure!

Whitney Houston – It’s Not Right But It’s Ok (utimono remix)

“It’s Not Right but It’s Okay” is a popular song by Whitney Houston, featured in her fourth studio album “My Love Is Your Love” released in 1998.

Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again (utimono techno remix)

“Never Let Me Down Again” by Depeche Mode is a classic 80s hit that still packs a punch! This upbeat anthem features a driving beat, soaring synths, and powerful vocals.

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John M.

My story with music

Hi there! My name in John M. a.k.a UTIMONO in the music community. Athens based Producer and Dj, I have djayed in my late teens early twenties in local clubs in Thessaloniki and have been involved in the music business since.

In my early 20s, while improving my composing and mastering skills, I stayed ‘underground’ and produced in 2004 a 2 track EP which was included in the CD compilation ‘Alter Ego’ that was released through ‘Harmonic Distorsion Records’ under the artist name of u.t.i

In 2005, my remix of ‘Atomic Reborn’ was featured as vinyl and digital releases through ‘eNoise Records’.

By the end of 2005 I presented my cover of ‘Quantum Limit’ the great original work of Alex Silvi which was included in the single under the name ‘The Remixes 2005’. Along that and again through ‘eNoise Records’ I released my first digital EP featuring ‘Warning’ and ‘EDS’ , included in the compilation ‘Digital Mission Vol. 1’.

In 2006, ‘Another Down’ was presented to the digital world with great success via ‘Digital Mission Vol. 3’

While still digitally mixing my favourite tracks in DJ sets through mixcloud.com/utimono , in 2020 I started composing again and decided to digitally release my work on my own space on utimono.bandcamp.com

To sum up, my work differs from project to project but remains mainly electronic.