Titan Sampler – Sneak Peak

🎵 Coming Soon: “Titan” 🚀
10+ years in the making! My electronica album is a journey of dedication and growth. Each track reflects my emotions and artistic evolution. Stay tuned for the release and join me on this sonic adventure! 🎶 #NewMusic #ComingSoon #Electronica #TitanAlbum #Indietronica #utimono

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“Titan” album video and visualizer released

“Titan” album video and visualizer released

Hello all! You can now watch the official video of ‘Solace’ which is the 2nd track from my album ‘Titan’ and the official visualizer of the 7th track from the album called ‘Vortex’.

utimono – titan (album)

utimono – titan (album)

After a decade in the making, I’m thrilled to announce the arrival of my electronica album, “Titan.” 🎶