utimono – therapy (video cut)

The years 2020-21 were the years the world stopped. People had the time to think more and reevaluate the way they were living up until now. Sometimes, a stop is mandatory to heal and do therapeutic and meaningful things in order to keep going. The message is clearer more than ever. Do things you cherish and love and you’ll be rewarded with happiness and fulfillment. No matter the obstacles and the harder you try to achieve your goals it is essential to try harder and keep going till you succeed.

Kindness and tolerance is the key. Be kind to yourself

After many hours of shooting the video and countless others editing it, it’s finally here! I feel blessed to be surrounded by all these talented people, working passionately to realize such a high standard project. I love you so much

Thank you so much Lilly Koutsandrea, Elena Tragouda and Emilio Takas for your hard work and helping me realize my dreams. Thank you very much L.D.A Lilly’s DANCE ART for providing the wonderful space to film.

You can also listen to this release on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/4C6wu8KSYCYQIlSL4l2XRT

– – – Credits – – –

💃 Choreographer / Dancer – Lilly Koutsandrea https://www.instagram.com/lilly_kouts… 🎨 Artistic Supervisor – Elena Tragouda 🎥 Cinematography – Emilio Takas https://www.facebook.com/emiliotakas 🏫 Filming Location – L.D.A Lilly’s DANCE ART https://www.facebook.com/lillykoutsan… 🎬 Directed / Edited by – John Monokandilos https://utimono.com

Additional credits fly to the amazing community of Pexels.com. Without their contributions this project wouldn’t be complete! Much much love and appreciation

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